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Barbara Riera, owner of Riera Design & Interiors offers a full range of design services from new construction projects to remodels and design solutions for everything in between. Riera found inspiration in the design and architecture that surrounded her during her time living in Paris. Barbara enjoyed learning how historical old-world architecture, furniture, fabrics, and art can work harmoniously with lush expansive gardens and everyday living. These insights provided the inspiration and platform to jump off and follow a dream.

Over the past 15 years, Barbara’s style has expanded greatly from old world to contemporary design. With today’s technologies and love for travel, Riera is able to find products and unique materials from all over the world. On her treks overseas, she seeks out local sources, purchases products, and incorporates distinctive items by hand-crafted artisans from the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Africa bringing a unique design solution to every client.

Riera Design strives to integrate clients’ personal treasures into great design spaces and lifestyles. Great design is in the details, no matter how simple or complex your goal is. Focusing on the simplicity of lovely materials and their natural elegance combined with timeless furniture pieces, textured fabrics, and personal accessories contributes to a unique solution for each client.

Riera’s client service combined with a shared client vision, user functionality, and superior design solutions are all required components in achieving a winning platform for both the client and designer. A member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Riera currently serves clients and projects across the Bay Area, Central California, Nevada, and beyond. Her work has been featured in leading publications: South Bay Accent and “C-Home” Magazines.

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